Natural and sustainable skin care

Aqua Bio Technology is well into the third phase of its development, providing natural and sustainable ingredients to the cosmetics industry and skin care products and consumers.

ABT developed and commercialized its proprietary enzyme technology based on the salmon’s hatching fluid. The ingredient Aquabeautine XL™ holds several properties attractive to skin care product manufacturers. The technology has since 2012 been licensed to a U.S. based skin care company.

The second step in developing ABT was establishing the Company as a center for commercialization of third party biotechnology. ABT has collaborated with several technology owners since 2012 and is developing and commercializing natural and sustainable skin care ingredients based on e.g. algae and olives for the industry.

In the third phase of its development, ABT is marketing and distributing third party skin care products from manufacturing partners to consumers and professional users. ABT has secured EMEA marketing rights for several products based on botanic and marine origin.

With natural and sustainable skin care technology at the core, the business model allows ABT to pursue a strategy of diversification and balanced risk. While the development of new ingredients is a time consuming task with potentially high reward, the marketing and sales of skin care products represent immediate and steady cash flow.