(Environmental, Social and Governance)

In 2020 ESG became a buzzword used for all kinds of company’s, even those that do not practice true ESG. Investors loved and believed in the term and invested happily into all kinds of company’s associating themselves with the term.

Here at Aqua Bio Technology (ABT) we believe firmly in the principles of ESG and have had them ingrained since our company founding in 2000.

Starting with our products developed from the hatching fluid from salmons, a raw material formerly thought to be purely a waste from salmon production. ABTs company founders discovered special proteins in the hatching fluid that turned out to have a remarkable effect on human skin and a new cosmetic ingredient was born.

We continued the development of the ingredient and in 2008 ABT was listed on Oslo Axess. In 2012 we landed exclusive deals with two American companies and that is when the ball really started rolling for us.