Reaching out to the consumer

Skin care is the fastest growing segment of the rapidly expanding cosmetics industry. Europe is one of the world’s largest markets for such products and the Middle East is one of the fastest growing markets. ABT holds marketing and distribution rights for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) for the products of two manufacturers of natural skin care products. The ABT portfolio of skin care products contains exclusive and high-end products as well as off the shelf products. They are distributed over the Internet, in stores and through professional channels such as skin care clinics.

Moana- Organic skin care

Moana of New Zealand has developed a broad portfolio of skin care products based on a variety of natural technologies and sources, ranging from the rain forests of New Zealand to the South Pacific. By combining knowledge held for centuries by the indigenous Māori people with modern biotechnology, Moana has succeeded in developing natural skin care products with astonishing effects. 

Čuvget- Arctic skin care

ScandiDerma of Norway has developed the Cuvget series based on the chaga fungus, found on birch trees in the Arctic. Chaga contains powerful antioxidants with a number of positive features, including highly positive effects on the skin. The indigenous sami people of the Arctic have known the secrets of chaga for centuries. The substance has been refined and is sold by ABT as a serum ampoules and as an active ingredient of the Cuvget day and night cream.