The next generation ingredients

Skin care ingredients have traditionally been based on petroleum derivatives. In addition to the lack of sustainability, traditional ingredients have often caused health problems for the user and environmental concerns. Micro plastic beads, frequently used as exfoliators in skin care products, have become a major environmental issue as they accumulate in the oceans. ABT refines and applies nature’s own technology in developing natural and sustainable ingredients.
Aquabeautine XL™, ABT’s first and proprietary ingredient, is currently licensed to the U.S. based skin care manufacturer Restorsea for use in their skin care series, being sold on the Internet, in department stores and through skin care clinics.
Algae are a key element of ABT’s expanded technology platform. Both our French partner Algosource and Spanish Banco Español de Algas (BEA) are outstanding centers for cultivation and development of algae strings.
Studies performed on ABT’s algae based ingredients demonstrate a number of positive features, including that they are powerful antioxidants with positive effects on skin ageing and the skin’s ability to withstand sunlight and pollution. Furthermore, they contain beta-glucans which are favorable to the skin’s immune system.
ABT’s British partner Zembra has developed several applications for olive mass residue from the pressing of olive oil. The olive mass was previously seen as waste, but has now been put to positive use in numerous areas.
ABT’s studies have documented that the olive mass holds extremely good exfoliation properties, which is the ability to gently remove dead skin cells. The olive mass is also expected to have other positive effects on the human skin.